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    Coffee PlungerThe Espressii ‘One-Cup Coffee and Tea Plunger

    The unique one-cup coffee plunger enables you to enjoy quality ground coffee AND tea ‘in a jiffy’. It is quick and easy with no mess, no fuss and I s perfect for a single-cup portion. In less than a minute you can enjoy the exceptional taste of your espressii blend with no sacrifice on flavour.

    This is made possible with a smart design that allows the coffee pulp to be compressed which releases more flavours and oils than with other conventional manual coffee making processes. The economical plunger differs from other devices in that it also guards against wastage – the annoyance of using too much ground coffee for a single serving is no longer an issue. On can also tweak the strength of each cup according to personal taste by deciding how much ground coffee to use.

    In a nutshell, the essential coffee plunger is:

    • Quick and simple to operate;
    • Easy to clean;
    • Portable and small;
    • Economical and smart

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