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    Mocha Java Coffee Blend

    Mocha Java is traditionally a blend of Yemen Mocha and Java Arabica Coffees – usually one part Yemen Mocha and two parts Java Arabica.
    Our blend combine a variety of round, full coffees in place of the Java, and any of a variety of bright, acidy coffees in a place of the Mocha, while changing proportions here and there to maintain a uniform taste.

    Versions offered by speciality masters, however, may blend a true Java with a true Yemen Mocha, or may substitute another (often better) Indonesian coffee for the Java, or an Ethiopian Harrar for the Yemen. It would be true to say then that most speciality coffee variations closely resemble the classic blend. In its traditional form, Mocha-Java is the world’s oldest coffee blend and is normally associated with a light medium roast.

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