Mocha-Java Coffee Blend

Mocha-Java is traditionally a blend of Yemen Mocha and Java Arabica Coffees – usually one part Yemen Mocha and two parts Java Arabica.
Commercial blends may combine any of a variety of round, full coffees in place of the Java, and any of a variety of bright, acidy coffees in a place of the Mocha, while changing proportions here and there to maintain a uniform taste.

Versions offered by speciality masters, however, may blend a true Java with a true Yemen Mocha, or may substitute another (often better) Indonesian coffee for the Java, or an Ethiopian Harrar for the Yemen. It would be true to say then that most speciality coffee variations closely resemble the classic blend. In its traditional form, Mocha-Java is the world’s oldest coffee blend and is normally associated with a light medium roast.

Decaf Coffee Blend

Decaffeination is the act of removing caffeine from coffee beans. The process is usually performed on unroasted (green) beans, and starts with steaming of the beans. They are then rinsed with a solvent that extracts the caffeine while leaving the other essential chemicals in the coffee beans.The process is repeated anywhere from 8 to 12 times. Coffee contains over 400 chemicals important to the taste and aroma of the final drink and it proves a challenge to remove only caffeine while leaving the other chemicals at their original concentrations.

Flavour and aroma are more often than not, impacted by this.

House Coffee Blend

Each of our blends starts with an idea. Sometimes we’re inspired by a craft beer or a fine wine and sometimes we wish to showcase an outstanding bean or create our own version of a traditional blend.

Our roaster takes this idea into the cupping room, where we spread out a palette of single-origin beans. The blend comes together like a puzzle, piece by piece. First comes the anchoring base note; next we choose the high note and finish. And finally the tuning of the proportions brings the whole mix into balance, so that no particular flavour is more dominant than the rest.

The resulting blend is greater than the sum of its parts. This results in a medium dark roast, which is our favourite.

Italian Dark Coffee Blend

The aromas of this coffee are well developed and the taste is full-bodied. The long roasting process (dark) enhances its powerful character. It is delicious with chocolate or spicy desserts.

Origins: a blend of Costa Rica, Brazil and Java Makassar

Botanic Speces: Arabica

Roasting: Dark (long)

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